celestial-yelling all the money. All of it

I wish I had money…I would donate it to everyone n all my friends and shit


Sooo I recently passed up a personal follower milestone and I’m still amazed I have as many people following me as I do. I’m gonna draw some art for three (3) lucky winners !!

1st place winner gets two (2) drawings of their choice in full color. I may or may not make it fullbody/half body/bust. Can be of anything as long as I don’t gotta draw more than three people in the picture and no complicated backgrounds. Winner may request one (1) of the pictures to be NSFW.

2nd place winner gets one (1) colored draw and one (1) sketch of their choice. Again, I may or may not make it fullbody/half/bust. Must be safe for work content.

3rd and last winner will get two (2) sketches of what ever they want. Must be safe for work. 

Mutuals will get an added bonus sketch of some kind.


  • same rules as those on my commission page apply
  • must be following me
  • must have ask box open (you can give me an email afterwards if you prefer we talk out what you’d like over something more reliable, it doesn’t matter)
  • must respond within 2 days time or I will pick a new winner
  • give-away ends August 31st, 2014

Good luck !! I can’t wait c:

jinny-thekisaragi replied to your post “Hi yes if were in a mutual it would be nice if u could tag fnaf. i…”

Sorry hon! I shall do that from now on UwU

its ok!! thank u for now tagging it <3

Crim claims another innocent familiar

i was goign to remind myself NOT to give her my familiars but i keep doing it by accident……….rip

my fave grandma

crim accidentalyl took my maren warrior from me

Anti-honesty hour. Ask me anything and I will respond with blatant lies.