I post way too many text posts

I have never given a piggy back ride until today

Fits like a glove


i’m so in love with the idea of mute!corvo though

mute!corvo, who was born with a defect to his vocal chords, so he’s never been able to speak

who has had to deal with being so different— having people push him away and not being respected as intelligent, kind, and…

I need t o tell someone!!! I’ve only told 2 people who don’t know the person but I need to tell someone who used to

actuallycliffjumper like

These things???

actuallycliffjumper like

These things???

I keep getting bad memories about someone and I don’t want to,!! Even tho it was only like 30 minute of interaction it gives me bad memories

I always have to remind myself that not being attracted to anyone at all is as normal as being attracted to people because I just feel so hopeless whenever i see people happy w crushes and I physically cannot



Take any movie premise about a white man and make it about a grandma and it becomes twice as interesting

Does this also apply to video game premises?

Finally replaced the doctor who pin on my bag